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Common cases

Armed with a unique blend of top talent locally and overseas Merevo has been created as a one-stop resource for you

At Merevo, we understand the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market. We continuously invest in the latest technologies and trends, allowing us to offer cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of innovation. Whether you require graphic design, web development, branding, marketing strategies, or any other creative service, our team is well-equipped to cater to your specific requirements.

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A CTO with limited financing is considering outsourcing but doesn’t want to risk getting unreliable code

A start-up without enough manpower needs to scale quickly and costeffectively

The ongoing pressure to “do more with less” increasingly calls for a complex, custom solution, or for a trusted, costeffective extended team

Our flow
Hire top talent in just a week
    Tell us about the scope of your project, your target audience, and any specific requirements or challenges you may be facing. We are eager to learn about your desired outcomes, whether it's increasing brand visibility, engaging your audience, driving sales, or achieving any other strategic objective.
    Our team of experts will also provide valuable insights and recommendations based on our extensive experience in the industry. We believe in open communication and collaboration, so this meeting will serve as an opportunity for us to establish a strong working relationship and align our understanding of the project.
    Our team selection process involves considering various factors. We evaluate the team members' relevant industry experience, their track record in similar projects, and their ability to handle the unique challenges associated with the project. We also take into account their knowledge of crisis management, risk assessment, and other pertinent domains.
    Setting clear and achievable goals is essential for the success of any project, including projects. After engaging with the client and understanding the project's requirements, our company follows a strategic approach to set goals that drive the project forward.
    During this phase, our team follows industry best practices and coding standards to ensure high-quality and maintainable code. They employ efficient coding techniques and utilize appropriate programming languages, frameworks, and tools based on the project requirements.
  • Solutions

    Find solutions for any business domain

    Kick-start a powerful tech launch for your startup


    Modernize financial services with custom software


    Improve your sales with eCommerce solutions


    Optimize processes and operations


    Take your business a step further with AI and Big Data


    Improve logistics with smart solutions


    Transform healthcare with e- health apps


    Enhance your business with trusted transactions

    AND MORE...
    AND MORE...

    What is it like to work with a blend of local and overseas talent from Marevo?


    We adopt to your needs, processes, technology, and beyond


    While global top talent keeps your costs low your experience and delivery excellence is managed by US-based local managers


    Our top talent is handpicked from thousands of firms in Eastern Europe after having passed our 100+ criteria, including a live visit

    Say "yes" to:
  • Project completion guarantees
  • A comprehensive pool of fully
  • Pre-vetted offshore talent
  • A standard process
  • A rapid start
  • Сomparison

    Comparing Development Approaches

    Companies should be wary of overly low priced bids. When comparing price vs quality ”you  (still) get what you pay for”.  While Merevo price competitive we do not compete on price alone. However, our quotes are real, we are transparent about timelines, and we are known for delivery excellence, saving our clients $ overall by meeting set expectations.
    Companies save 22% across all industries with outsourcing. Demand for great development talent has  caused an arms race in the  startup world, forcing great  start-ups to seek alternative  options. Outsourcing can save  time and money in the short  term, but if poorly managed  can cause costly headaches in  the long term.

    In house mid level developer

    Year slary


    Payroll company texes


    Health insurance


    Software and hardware costs


    Fixed assets (workplace)


    Hiring costs (recruiting, interviewing)


    2 paid weeks off and 5 sick days


    Conference, education, certification


    401 K


    Around 0.1 - 3% equity


    The traditional outsourcing

    ORIGINAL $ Quote


    ORIGINAL Duration Quote

    4 months

    ACTUAL $ Quote


    ACTUAL Duration Quote

    8 months


    Year slary

    $60/hour ($10,200/month)

    Mix of fixed price & T&M rates

    Top talent only, vetted live, overseas

    Transparency in hours worked

    Payments attached to project milestones

    Delivery excellence mediated in the US


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